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About us

Our names are Katrina. Paul & Jake and we live in the RCT area of Wales. We live here with our 3 dogs, Ice (German Shepherd), Bailey (Golden Retriever) and Peaches (Leonberger). We have a huge passion for dogs.

We first bought Peaches 3 years ago from a very well trusted breed line. She has had all the vet checks for LPN 1&2 (Hip and Elbow scores) and the glaucoma (eye check). We have also chosen a stunning stud who also meets all the breeding requirements. It is our priority to breed healthy, well cared for and loved puppies, we will be giving them the best start in life before going to their forever home.


This is our first litter for Peaches and we are very excited. We are hobby breeders not commercial breeders which means our dogs are family and will be with us for their whole lives. 

Leonbergers are known for their friendliness. They are not small dogs and they love a good cuddle! Peaches makes us laugh and smile every day and she has that gorgeous face that you cannot be mad at ! She has a lovely temperament around people, dogs and other animals such as donkeys, alpaca's, rabbits, chickens and ducks! Peaches loves the water and especially a muddy puddle. She hogs the sofa and our bed but we wouldn't want her any other way.


Making a difference.​​

We run a dog business and train puppies for a living. We pride ourselves in giving all our dogs the best. All puppies will be experiencing important life skills as they grow with us in our family home. The will be given so much love along with preparing them for their adventures in the big wide world. If the new owners are local to us we would be more than happy to have you on our puppy training class or even a swimming lesson!

We would love to keep in contact with all the owners who have a puppy to watch your little Leo's grow and even meet up as a group so all siblings can play together - after all they are family :)  


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